UGR originally started in 2016 as an automotive garage in Dubai founded by a Kuwaiti entrepreneur. We begin to revolutionized GCC with our stainless steel 304 products which surpassed the expectations and the numbers . We are passionate to provide world class exhaust products.


The first high-end technology that was brought to the market by UGR was an old invention, which is a muffler prototype that was created on a test bench with a speaker connected to it years prior. The prototype became what is now known as the DiamondTech muffler technology. DiamondTech muffler has the reputation of being the truly most advanced muffler in the world. What it does is improve the performance of the engine while creating the most incredible sound, and only muffling the right amount. It also eliminates the drone at the same time which is really its most important function. The DiamondTech muffler automatically enhances performance because it is also technically a carefully shaped expansion chamber, and also will not wear out over time, as it contains no packing material; it relies on reflective sound cancelation principles to function.


The next breakthrough innovation that UGR developed is the very high-flowing yet extremely compact and lightweight valve setup. Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing, the advantage of this setup is that it is not as bulky and heavy compared to other consumer available valves, even though it flows just as well as heavier larger units.


The combination of the DiamondTech muffler and the valve setup created a reputation for UGR as the manufacturer of the most advance muffler technology in the world.


The next important innovation from UGR and what has helped to transform us into a well known company is the Z-Pipe. Compared to the H-pipe and the X-Pipe, the Z-Pipe gives you a true 100% complete mix of exhaust gasses, something an H or X pipe could never do. An H mixes about 10%, and an X mixes about 30-50%. A superior mix is a superior sound! This technology gives your car a MUCH better sound compared to when you are using an H-pipe or an X-Pipe, and it also increases the horsepower of the engine because of the stronger scavenging effect, this is dyno proven! Another benefit of having the Z-Pipe is that it has four tubes, which automatically gives a more exotic sound than if there were two.


The last thing which has not been mentioned is the true dedication to top quality work. Utilizing only mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, pro quality TIG welding with back purge technology, brushed finish surfaces, laser cut double walled exhaust tips, and many other features which scream top quality and zero compromise approach to maximum HP while still retaining the full aesthetic beauty of our systems.


In conclusion, DiamondTech mufflers, advanced valve systems, and the Z-Pipe technology gives UGR clients the best exhaust technology in the world when it comes to class, performance and aesthetic for a far more reasonable price compared to other established exhaust companies.


In its few months of existence, UGR already made a large dent in the industry, showing everyone else that exhaust technology is not at its maximum potential just yet! More power, more exotic sounds, better prices and more beautiful designs have all been shown simultaneously. Tested and proven, no compromise approach. We are here to change the game, and in may ways we already have.


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We are on the cutting edge of innovation and design in the production of high performance exhaust and turbo systems. We also offer other performance upgrades and modifications, dyno tuning, and more.


- Full Exhaust System

- Turbo Kit

- Welding Works

- RWD-AWD Dyno Tuning

- Fabricated Parts


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